Dark Sun: Chains of Sand

1. Gathering In Altaruk

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Gathering In Altaruk

The campaign begins the wayward village of Altaruk. Perhaps a small dot in the sea of grain that is the Tablelands, but an integral point of rest for the many trade caravans traveling between the city-states.

The village is well fortified from bandits, raiders, and other terrors of the wasteland by a 15 ft surrounding wall along with a small legion of mercenaries (mostly Goliaths) on the payroll of the Balican Trade Houses. Outside travelers and nomads are welcomed into the outpost with open arms, so long as they pay the entrance fee.

It is largely populated by humans and noble dwarves but the slum housing quarter contains a few elven shopkeepers and denizens. A select number of Thri-Kreen (most likely scouts for hire by caravans) also call Altaruk their temporary home.

The Burning Question…

How did you find yourself in this small haven in the desert? Have you been hired as a mercenary for the watch? Stumble upon the village after barely surviving the hash wastes? Come here with a caravan or Trade House? Are you a spy for the Templars of a Sorcerer-King come to keep tabs on the pockets of civilization outside of their reach?

It is very important for good storytelling that we flesh out all of your background and really find motivation! I know the world is still very alien to all of you so please find a time to sit down with me and I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.



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